From the Well House Submissions 2014

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Authors may submit any combination of the following: one (1) work of fiction, one (1) scholarly essay, or up to five (5) poems. Artists may submit up to three (3) pieces. We accept paintings, photographs, prints, sculptures, and more. Multimedia artists may submit one (1) video or interactive media, or three (3) sound files.

In the "Cover Letter" field please include a working phone number!! If punctuation or grammar has been altered for poetic license, please make a note in the cover letter field!


-Must be original work
-For physical art, send in a high-quality, well-lit, level photograph
-Must be titled
-Filenames must be the title of the work, ex. Flower.JPG instead of 100-2001.JPG
-Written work must be a Microsoft Word compatible format
-Written work must be paginated
-Remove all references to identity including last names in headers, etc., signatures or watermarks.
-Scholarly papers must be in MLA or APA format
-No simultaneous submissions (Do not submit the same piece to both the Online and Print Issue categories)

Still Image:
JPEG format
High quality, 800×600

.doc or .docx format

QuickTime format
H.264, Standard Definition, 640×480, MP4 file format
Maximum 15 minutes in length.

Flash format
640×480, SWF file format

MP3 file format
Maximum 15 minutes in length.

If your work is selected to appear in our online or print issue, we require that you email a photo of yourself and a short autobiography (about 100 words). We also request, that if selected, you submit a video or podcast describing the artwork or written work, along with what inspired you to produce it. 

By submitting you are declaring that all work submitted is your own original work, you are giving From the Well House first publishing rights (first publishing rights mean the work cannot be published in any online form, including social media sites such as Facebook or Youtube), and you give From the Well House permission to use any images or written material for advertising purposes. You also declare that you are age 18 or older, or have parental consent to submit.

The editorial board reserves the right to correct any punctuation or grammar. If punctuation or grammar has been altered for poetic license, please make a note in the cover letter field!

From the Well House, a literary and arts journal, welcomes submissions of all types of art including writing, drawing, music, painting, sculpture, video, and more from all over the world. We accept submissions year-round; our print issue is published in April and the online issue in November, so please submit your work accordingly.